How to Paint Avocado

Amazing step by step tutorial on how to paint avocado. All steps on avocado painting are below, but watch full video to see how all the stes.

All you need:

  • gouache paint (few green colors, light and dark,  brown.) Choose colors that you have  and do not be afraid to experiment and be fully in creative process.
  • 3  brushes (have one thin as well)
  • water, tissues, color plate to mix paint, wet cloth
  • waterproof paper
  • Steps below cover how to paint avocado. Watch full video tutorial to see all steps.


STEP 1: Get ready with all the materials.Use light green color to paint the body of avocado.

STEP 2 : It looks like that.

STEP 3:Paint the circle in the middle for the avocado pit

STEP 4: Fill up with color but leave the middle white

STEP 5: paint the the stem with brown color

STEP 6: Color the pi with brown color

STEP 7: Paint the leaves

STEP 8: While everything is drying highlight the edge of the avocado with dark green

STEP 9: Color the leaves with light green .Then Highlight the leaves with dark green as well

STEP 10. Paint the eyes with black color

Step 11: Paint the arms

Step 12: Paint the legs, mouth with black color, and the cheeks with pink.