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Hi, My name is Tamara !

I am the owner and founder of Simply Created Art Online Studio for kids ages 5-10 years old,   “The Art abClub” and Early Years “Creative Little Learners Club” for children ages 4 to 8 years old here at www.tmhazel.com!

I am also a mum of one!

This place is for parents who like creative approach in helping children learn and develop skills without pressure in a very easy and fun way. All learning worksheets and creativity  lessons are fun and easy to follow. They will train attention and visual perception, develop memory, thinking, imagination, fine motor skills, expand vocabulary, teach handwriting skills and pen control, simple math and more. There are plenty to choose from. This is the place when your child will get confident in learning and will love every step of it. 

All classes in the Studio and the Club  are in video format. I create lessons where kids learn how to work with plasticine (modelling clay), paint with gouache, use rocks for art, create collages, draw and more. These lessons will help develop brain, attention, resilience and more.

My approach for teaching kids is very easy, focused and relaxed. No one is better than the other , we all are unique.

What Our Customers Say!

"Great book. As soon as the book arrived, my 4 year old son got super excited and started practicing the letters. Each alphabet has 2 pages of tracing lower case and 2 pages of tracing upper case. At the end of the book, there are lots of pages of words to trace. I ordered this book as soon summer started for kids. I told my son that he has to practice one page a day and he loves this book so much that he wants to trace 3 to 4 pages a day".
Sridhar V Kondapalli
"My 3yr old son loves doing his "homework" thanks to this workbook. It's helping him learn not only his numbers but how to write and hold a pencil.".
"“Great activity book for children who are learning to write letters. It would be a perfect companion to my alphabet teaching series, or any alphabet book. Good job by the author.”
Verified Reviewer
"“Great way to teach young kids to begin writing letters. The tracing aspect of it is wonderful! And it’s nice that it has a picture on each page too.”
Verified Reviewer

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