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Creative Learning offers numerous benefits for children's brain development, fine motor skills, and confidence by unleashing their creativity with vibrant and diverse colors, using different mediums and techniques!


Engaging in creative activities stimulates various parts of the brain, including those responsible for critical thinking, problem-solving, imagination, and innovation. This helps in the development of cognitive abilities, such as memory, attention, and reasoning skills. Try new Approach in Learning Alphabet

Mini A to Z Alphabet Course

27 Painting Alphabet Step by Step Video Lessons. Your child will learn how to paint, how to use colors, and experience new way of learning letters.

Creative Alphabet Mastery

More in depth creative alphabet lessons. Video art lessons and worksheets are included for each letter of the alphabet.

Fine Motor Masters

Creative Tool Box for Preschoolers and Kindergarten kids. Painting and Plasticine Art lessons, worksheets, educational posters and more

We create creative worksheets for developing fine motor skills, confidence, attention, focus and much more. Our creative masterclasses, lessons have numerous benefits for children that can help to improve their academic performance, social skills, develop fine motor skills and overall well-being. By incorporating creative learning and art into a child's education and daily life, can help develop a love for learning and creativity that will last a lifetime


Unleash your child's creativity, boost confidence and develop essential skills with our painting and plasticine masterclasses.

Masterpiece Makers Club

Painting and Plasticine membership for kids ages 5+/7 +years old. Creative step by step masterclasses where your child will develop fine motor skills, learn colors, elements of art, how to paint using gouache paint and plasticine. Your child will learn how to paint and create wonderful work of art. Click below to see more.

Colorful Creations Course

Amazing painting course for kids. Suitable for all ages but mostly tailored for kids ages 5+/7 years old. The child will learn about elements of art, how to paint using gouache, and will get familiar with elements of shading (light , shadow, highlight , reflex, shade. And will paint masterpieces.

Hands on Plasticine Magic

Amazing Plasticine Magic course suitable for kids from age 4+. Plasticine is amazing medium that helps the child develop not only fine motor skills, but plays huge role in brain development as well. We will create art and models as well.

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Early years educational worksheets for preschoolers and kindergarten kids. Great for homeschooling children, JUST PRINT and GO.

Ultimate Alphabet Learning Bundle

Number Learning Printable Worksheets

toddler tracing activity bundle

Toddler Tracing Activity Bundle


Educational Posters For Preschoolers

Ultimate Fruit & Veg Bundle for Early Years

100 Sight Word Worksheets for Early Years