Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

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Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills will usually involve all the smaller muscles of the body that work together to enable the child to execute certain functions such as writing, grasping small objects and fastening small objects without too much of a fuss.

Fine Motor Skills Development

These skills are of course a very important part of the child development and any weaknesses detected will usually be seen through the inability of the child’s capability to eat by themselves, write legibly or to perform other simple tasks such as page turning and personal grooming tasks.

Here too there should not be too much concern if the child does not develop such skill as other in the same age group would have already been able to do so. There would only be a need to consult a medical professional if the progress to this level takes an unusually longer time frame than the norm.

However understanding that there may be some delays, will help the parent avoid becoming too anxious, which will also cause the child to feel this negativity which can be upsetting and frustrating for the child too.The evident lack in this area would not necessarily be a devastating situation as proper intervention will usually be able to sort the problem out and thus help the child to work through these challenges and eventually be able to perform the fine motor skills even if they are not of the usually expected standards.

There are therapists who can assess the current abilities of the child and then design the corresponding therapy exercises that will help the child to gain some level of acceptable fine motor skills. Providing the child with toys and games that will positively contribute to the building of the fine motor skill would also be advised.

Fine Motor Skills Milestones

Fine Motor skills development milestones

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