How to Paint a Ladybug

Amazing step by step tutorial on how to paint a ladybug. All steps on ladybug painting are below, but watch full video to see how and when i paint the background.

All you need:

  • gouache paint (orange, white, black.) Choose colors that you have  and do not be afraid to experiment and be fully in creative process.
  • 2 medium brushes
  • water, tissues, color plate to mix paint, wet cloth
  • waterproof paper
  • Steps below cover how to paint ladybugs . Watch full video tutorial to see all steps.


STEP 1: Get ready with all the materials. I use light blue paper. You can use white.

STEP 2 : Start with orange color

STEP 3: Start painting the body of the ladybug

STEP 4: Fill up with color

STEP 5: paint the body of small ladybug

STEP 6: Paint the head

STEP 7: Color the head with black color


STEP 8: Paint and color the head of small ladybug

STEP 9: Paint the antenna

STEP 10. Paint the antenna for big ladybug

Step 11: Paint the legs

Step 12: Paint the legs for small ladybug

Step 13: Paint dots for both ladybugs

Step 14: Finish the antenna for little one

Step 15: Finish the antenna for big one. Wath full step by step video tutorial below