How to Paint a CRAB

Amazing step by step tutorial on how to paint a crab. All steps on crab painting are below, but watch full video to see how and when i paint the background.

All you need:

  • gouache paint (vermilion, scarlet light blue, light green, white, black , brown, lemon yellow, pink.) Choose colors that you have  and do not be afraid to experiment and be fully in creative process.
  • 2 medium brushes
  • water, tissues, color plate to mix paint, wet cloth
  • white  paper. I use for watercolor art . 
  • Steps below cover how to paint the crab only. Watch full video tutorial to see all steps.


STEP 1: Using thin round brush with vermilion color start painting the body of the crab 

STEP 2 : It muct be like semi circle

STEP 3: Color the body

STEP 4: Start painting the claw

STEP 5: Thats how it should look like. Color it fully 

STEP 6: Paint the the secong claw the same way

STEP 7: Paint the legs

STEP 8: Background and the rest we paint when we want our crab body to dry. Then paint the eyes

STEP 9: With scarlet color darken the edges of the claws, legs and body

STEP 10. paint the eyelids

Step 11: On the darker sides draw dots with yellow paint to highlight some parts

Step 12: Paint the cheeks with the light pink

Step 13: paint the mouth with the  light pink

Step 14: Finish the eys with white color

Step 15: Finish it off  painting the background and your art is ready. Watch Full video below