DIY Halloween Stem Wire Pumpkin

DIY Chenille Wire Stem Pumpkin


Amazing step by step tutorial on how to make Halloween stem pumpkin. All steps are below.

All you need:

  • 1 grey stem
  • 1 green stem
  • 5 orange stems
  • scissors



STEP 1: Take 5 orange stems, 1 green, 1 grey

STEP 2 : Fold into 3 parts

STEP 3: make sure parts are even

STEP 4: Cut it into 3 parts

STEP 5: Total 15 parts 

STEP 6: Place orange stems around green and brown stems

STEP 7: With one half of the brown stem wrap around orange stems strongly

pumpkin kids craft

STEP 8: Start forming the pumpkin spiralling the stems to the top

Result from Step 8

Step 9: Form the stem from brown wire stem

Step 10: Finish the stem formation with green stem wire


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