Teaching Sight words is very crucial for reading. These words are also called High Frequency Words and  Dolch Words. Children will read and see these words every time they read. Learning and knowing them will help children learn read faster. They will be able to read accurately and fluently. It is also will make it easier for them to learn the words and write them all together.

What Are Sight Words?

Sight words are the words children  will be able to recognise and read just by seeing them. Over time, your child will be able to read them without any trouble. These words will  become automatic.

Sight words, sometimes called high-frequency words or dolch words, are taught in kindergarten. If your child is starting to read before kindergarten, it’s never too early to start teaching these words.

You can use sight words as a reading tool to help your child learn and  it may be a great way to help them learn how to read even quicker.

Sight words can be a great tool when teaching your child to read. But what are they exactly and how can you use them?

Sight words are words that children  easily recognise and are able to read without having to sound them out. More than  a hundred of these sight words are frequently used so it not only makes it easier for children to learn to read, but it builds their reading confidence.

Once your child feels comfortable with the alphabet, you can start introducing sight words. There are many of ways to teach sight words. You can combine them or use the method that your child likes more and you find it more helpful.

When it comes to teaching sight words or anything else, repetition and consistency is key. The more your child sees the word, the easier it will be for them to understand it and recognise it. Go through some steps below on how to teach sight words.


  1. Find the Words in Books

Very easy way start teaching these words is when reading with your child. It can be during bedtime  or your daily reading practice. By pointing out the words in the story whilst reading it will help them to remember them better and learn faster.

At the beginning, it is better to show the word in the text, tell the child how to pronounce it, and try to show the same or new words over and over again. Once they start recognise these words, let the child start reading it by himself/herself and encourage next time to find the words without your help. You also can do any activity that can help to memorise the words faster. Like jumping or running , for example.

2. Make a Sight Word Cards

Having sight words in view will help your child’s brain take in these words even when they’re not focusing on them. Create flash cards or you can download them HERE Each time you teach a new sight word, stick it on the wall in a room, or in the kitchen.

Each time when you feel like it , point out a word and ask your child to tell you what it is and try and use it in a sentence. When you’re reading a story and see a sight word, ask your child to show it to you  both the book and on the allocated place where the word is.


I found just a few ways, but you can find even more. The sky is the Limit.

1 .Games

All children love to play games, so why not turn playtime into learning time. Print  two sets of flashcards for the sight words you want to teach your child, then play games with the cards. You can either play the word game that starts with Letter C for example,  or act something in action for your child to guess the word (for example word “play”). Anything that comes into your mind. Just have fun and encourage your child.

2.  Music and Dance

If your child loves to sing or dance, choose a few words you want to teach your child then let them help create a tune, a song and a move to go with the word. By creating the everything themselves, they’ll be more engaged with learning and will have more fun.

3. Word Binder

Create a  sight word binder to help your child visualise the words you want them to learn. PRINT  large flash cards to place in the binder and use it as a special card and word Folder. You can create a beautiful cover  using colors that your child loves, such as “My Special Sight Word Learning Folder” and make it as a fist Page.

4. Write

Every time when your  child have learnt new words try to form sentences using  the word. I have created workbooks where you can find these activities and teach the sight words in very easy way. You can find the workbooks here.

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