One of the factors of growth and success is a great start out for your kids aged 1-5 years old early enough, and thus, it is important that there is an excellent teaching guide to learn their alphabet.

Teaching the alphabets is introductory for reading and writing in youngsters. It has been studied that there are different ways by which kids learn from a very tender age and thus, this article is a guide on how to teach the alphabet to preschoolers.


Children who get to playschool been acquainted with a lot of letters names have a tendency to have a stress free time learning to read than children who have not acquired these skills. In fact, it is uncalled-for to think that youngsters will be capable of reading until they identify and name an amount of letters.

To read, children recognise letters in addition to knowing how to associate these distinct letters and sometimes grouping of letters in addition to the sound of articulated words.

An advantage of learning and knowing the letter names is that as they learn the letter names, children have a tendency to be more inspired to learn more about letters and the words around them.

Consequently, it is thereby essential for little children to be able to do the following:

  • Identify and name letters.
  • Identify commencement letters in well-known words (particularly their names)
  • Identify uppercase letters as well as lowercase letters too.
  • Correlate some letters to the definite sound it denotes.

As you draft out your directives, ensure that your children have many prospects to understand to recognise letters, to write letters and to discover how letters work to denote the sounds in words.

You could also have displayed on the walls at your children’s eye level, the alphabet, such as large alphabet cards, alphabet blocks, large plastic or paper letters such as play dough should also be available.

Alphabet puzzles is also a fantastic tool for teaching the alphabet for preschool and nursery, and they could be taught with alphabet rhymes.

A writing place can be constructed in your children’s room where they can go to try out diverse writing instrument and, you should have a compendium of alphabet books to read out loud plus alphabet songs to educate the children which could aid the learning process.

Here are some ways in which the alphabet can be taught to pre-schoolers.

  • Initiate alphabet letter learning by assisting your child in learning the letters of his/her name. Read books with your kids.
  • Teach and read the alphabet letter by letter, create some fun arts like the alphabet blocks, alphabet cards and paper letters and more and art projects.

Be flexible with your plan. Your children may benefit from the different series, activities and excellent books, I recommend on Alphabet Learning, my various books like ABC LEARNING BOOK: BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED and more.








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