Gross Motor Skills

Gross Motor skills

Gross motor skill usually involve the large muscles of the body which enables functions such as walking, kicking, sitting upright, lifting and many other necessary motor skill that would be needed throughout the various phases of a child’s development.

Gross Motor skills for Toddlers

The gross motor skills of a child would very much depend on the muscle tone and strength where any sign of low muscle tone would be characterised as a severe possibility of the presence of a disabling condition such as Down syndrome, genetic or muscular disorder or central nervous system disorders.

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The gross motor skills are very pivotal to the movement of major body parts and coordination between body movements.
Most parents are usually on high alert for the first signs of the weakness in this area and once identified will usually seek some form of re course to correct the situation.

The need to correct the situation stem from the parents concern about the weakness of the gross motor skill that can and will eventually effect the child’s education and general progress as a normal developing child.

These treatments can come in the form of a team being commissioned to evaluate the physical or mental capabilities of the child and then getting a therapist to work with the child to address the specific areas of lack.
The frequency of the therapy needed would very much depend on the stage of lack in the gross motor skills platform.


There is usually an orderly sequence in which the skill to control the extremities of the body such as the legs, arms, hands and feet are all coordinated to engage in the desired activity in an optimal manner.Although rapid development in this area is a good indicator of the progress rate anticipated, delays should not been seen alarming, as later development is not really unusual.


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