Discover How Busy Parents can help Their  CHILDREN Think, Learn, Succeed &Become masters Of Their Own Learning

“MIND POWER SERIES” is what every parent should have for their child as it is not just an activity book but a book which gives practical training tips to both parent and child on how to have fun, bonding and memorable moments together as your child discovers and develops their natural talents and creativity the fun way and how to think like a genius.

“Mind Power Series” is a series of three e-books created and designed for the busy parents in mind – Math Power is Fun, English Power is Fun and Brain Power is Fun.

  1. Brain Power is Fun Brain Power is Fun is packed with 120 fun and challenging activities which train the children’s ability to think and find the solutions themselves.
  2. English Power is Fun English Power is Fun has 127 activities using poetry, nursery rhymes and story telling to cultivate the children’s love for the language.
  3. Math Power is Fun Math Power is Fun has 121 activities to build the essential knowledge of basic mathematical concepts 

“And concerning your Mind Power Series, our critics are only good and we keep on encouraging you for oncoming events and creations. Those activities are great, entertaining, brain stimulating and easy to access for all ages… even my little sister managed to figure how it worked and keeps demanding more!!! A must haves”.

Pascal Fernandez

” I find that the worksheets are very interesting, because, you look at the questions, you will not get the answer straight away without thinking, you have to look into the entire picture and figure out the answer one by one. I like the pictures, they inspire my son to do more because of the pictures, as he likes pictures more than words. So, it really helps him to stay focus on the worksheets. I will definitely recommend it to my friends..”