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How Not to Spoil a Child Through Love

How Not to Spoil a Child through Love

How not to spoil a child through love concerns parents. But be confident, you cannot spoil your child with love. Love doesn’t spoil children.. Love is very important to a child’s healthy development.

In fact , it’s just not possible to love your child too much. They need loving and caring adults to spend time with them. So try to  play with them, teach them, protect them, and enjoy life with them.

It’s a parent’s responsibility to provide love, safety and encouragement. The growing up process provides children with lots of challenges. Try to listen and understand their situation.  Communicate honestly with them when they have difficulties and disappointments in their life.

Set Boundaries

Set boundaries with your child and then adhere to them. Establishing certain boundaries with your child gives them a sense of safety and security.  Most of the times parents do not set limits because they don’t want to fight with their children and  cause bad feelings.

They may ask  a child to comply or  they may make a rule and fail to enforce it. Also they may nag without ever enforcing the rules. None of these helps children.

In case your child fails to adhere or comply with the boundaries you’ve set for them, be firm yet kind in your response. This assures them that you’re serious about the rule but dedicated to helping and loving them.

Set the Rules

Keep in mind though that each child is different and what works for one child may not work for another.  For instance, one child may respond well to the direct approach of telling them a specific time to be home, where  as other child may need a gentle reminder that it’s now time to come home.

Develop a firm but kind skills of making and enforcing your household’s rules and expectations.  There’s no need to scare our children, and there should be no need to grow  a sense of fear in our children in order to get them to comply.



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