Cognitive Ability: Speech and Talking


Besides looking forward to the child taking his or her first baby steps, speech is the next thing on the list that parent urge their kids to start.

Babies are encouraged to speak as early as possible and when this does not happen, some parents tend to go into panic mode. This of course is not helpful for the child and neither will be benefits the parent.


Therefore it would be very helpful if the parent is aware of what is considered normal and what is not when it comes to the child’s ability to speak.

Periodic checks with the doctor should also incorporate the question about the child’s speech capabilities as this will help to better determine the speech condition of the child without being overly anxious.

Around the age of about 10 to 12 months the parent should observe the child ability to try and verbally communicate through various cooing and babbling noises.

This would be considered quite normal and if this is not the case, medical opinions should be sought. For the age group of about 12 – 15 months, the child should ideally start to make basics sounds that use the p, b, m, d or n range.

There should also be attempts to imitate sounds in single syllable. As for the 18 – 24 months age group, the child now commonly referred to as a toddler should ideally have a vocabulary capacity of about 20 different words.

The toddler should also be able to identify objects easily.

Toys for speech development

Children between the ages of 2 – 3 years will not be able to be quiet and be a chatter box. They would be able to speak in short sentences and thus communicate fairly well. This of course is a wonderful time for the parent as they would take delight in showing off their child’s speech capabilities.