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Reading is a perfect way for children to learn about the world, develop social skills, focus skills, imagination, and much more. That is why it is always upsetting when a child does not like reading or hates reading. Thankfully, there are many ways to help your  child to love reading. Check these 9 Tips on How To Help Your Child YOUR CHILD BECOME INTERESTED IN READING!

      1. Make it playful.

Play a game where you can find words beginning with letter…. For example: Can you find words beginning with…? Can you find a picture of a …? Or How many … can you see?  As many questions as you can.

      2. Make it excited.

Why not to read together? I find that reading together with my daughter engages her in reading more then when she reads by herself. We enjoy it a lot and she always say that she really loves reading. Magic, ah? When reading together we always give characters funny voices and engage with pictures. I always make a game out of finding words that rhyme or start with the same sound, or ask her to find nouns, verbs and adjectives in the text. This way her knowledge of words only improves.

      3. Always ask questions.

Ask questions about the story as you read it. I personally like to ask questions about each page. It can be any question you like. What is the story about? Who are the main characters? What they did that instead of that? Why they did that ? What do you think will happen next? And so on.  This way the child will be able to use imagination and express thought in regards to the story, and may be in future make his/her own.

      4 . Be seen.

Make sure you are seen reading. Keep books, newspapers or magazines at easy reach. I love reading different books and always say to my daughter that one day you will have to read them as well.

     5 .Go to the local library.

When I was a child I had membership in three library’s. I loved the place and the smell of books there. Sometimes I liked to come and just browse spending my whole day there. That is why now I like to go with my daughter  and we both browse and choose what we like to read together.



     6. Go online.

There a lot of in app stores for appropriate word and spelling games that can help with reading.

     7 . Make a special magic place or a certain time when you read together.

It will create special bond and it will teach the child discipline. Also use reading to inspire drawings or new stories.

    8. Never forget to reward the child.

Sometimes kids need that extra motivation. The reward should be something that will only give a child pleasure and good emotions. Walk in the park, nice trip to the cafe to eat the ice cream. Something that is not going to ruin your efforts in helping them to read.

    9. Always read everything out loud.

Everything that is close to hand. It can be books, poems, rhymes, newspapers or magazines, article, labels I the shop, anything. Be creative, be consistent and be patient.


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Happy reading!!



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